Hydrocephalus Shunt Systems

Sphera Anti-Siphon Cerebral Shunt System

Product Description
The Sphera Anti-Siphon Cerebral Shunt System is made with medical grade silicone, with a flexible body and flat base and low implant profile. It is individually multitested for flow rate and pressure, assuring its quality and functionality. It adapts to the cranium curvature and can be pumped by pressing the central chamber. The valve is formed by:

The valve is presented in Adult size and supplied in 4 pressure rates: High, Medium, Low and Extra-low.

The valves can be combined with our Silverline Shunt Catheters.

Spiegelberg: Sphera Anti-Siphon Cerebral Shunt System

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HPBio Sphera Anti-Siphon Shunt System

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Sphera Anti-Siphon Brochure
Sphera Anti-Siphon Broschüre

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