ICP-Lab® is a software tool for

- Recording
- Storage
- Browsing
- Printing

ICP-Lab® is compatible with all Spiegelberg ICP-Monitors, CPP-Monitors and Compliance-Monitors.

Please be noted that production and sales of CPP-Monitors and Compliance-Monitors were stopped in 2011.

The monitor is connected to your computer via RS 232. You will need one of the RS 232 cables from us:

KBL 13.033.01 (RS 232 cable, 9 pin, 25 cm long)
KBL 13.033.00 (RS 232 cable, 9 pin, 1.5 m long)

If your computer does not have an RS 232 interface, you can use an RS 232 to USB converter. You can get one from us which includes the RS 232 cable:

KBL13.036.01 (USB/RS232 Cable Kit consisting of Computer Cable RS-232 25 cm and USB/RS-232 Converter).

ICP-Lab® uses ICM+ data format for storage. It is upward compatible with ICM+. I.e. all data recorded using with ICP-Lab® can be analyzed later on using ICM+.

ICP-Lab® was written by Dr. Peter Smielewski in the University of Cambridge.

Spiegelberg: ICP-Lab®, screenshot
Spiegelberg: ICP-Lab®, screenshot
Spiegelberg: ICP-Lab®, screenshot

A free trial version which is fully operational for four weeks can be downloaded here.


After the trial period you will need to obtain a license for further use of ICP-Lab®.

Product Details for:



ICP-Lab® License

LAB 08.002.01

Technical Information

Compatible with HDM 13.x
HDM 26.x
HDM 29.x
CPP 21.x
CMP 27.x
Communication     RS 232
System requirements Windows XP or Windows Vista
Features Recording


PDFICP-Lab® User´s manual
PDFICP-Brochure German
PDFICP-Brochure English
PDFHow to get started

ICP-Lab® trial version.

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