EVD-Holder "Freiburg"

The holder is used to fix the kit securely. The holder 'Freiburg' is used to fix the kit securely to the bed of the patient. It is constructed of a plate that is placed under the mattress and a vertical rod connected to the plate with a movable joint. The joint has an automatic brake and it will stay firmly in any position.

Spiegelberg: EVD-Holder Freiburg

The rod can be adjusted to the vertical position of the patientęs head so that the zero mark is located at the same height as the patient's foramen of Monro. The Velcro straps are used to fix the drip chamber securely at the desired height. The height is shown on the scale in mmHg or cm H2O.

Product details for:

EVD-Holder with Swivel Joint left


EVD-Holder with Swivel Joint right


EVD-Holder with Swivel Joint left and right


Technical Information

Material Stainless steel
Diameter 25 mm
Length 600 mm
Plate 400 x 400 mm

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