External Ventricular Drainage Bag

The external ventricular drainage bag drains and collects cerebrospinal fluid for external ventricular drainage, external lumbar drainage, and external subdural drainage. It is indicated, whenever accurate measuring of drained fluid and exact levelling are not essential.

Spiegelberg: External Ventricular Drainage Bag

The Luer-Lock connector connects the bag to the catheter. An access port is used for sterile withdrawal of cerebrospinal fluid. The two way stopcock is closed when the patient is moved.

The bag is aerated with a replaceable filter. A check valve prevents reflux. Cerebrospinal fluid accumulates and is measured approximately in the bag. The bag can be emptied by opening the stopcock and removing the cap at the outlet.

Product details for:

External Ventricular Drainage Bag


Technical Information

Volume Drainage Bag 700 ml
Duration of use not more than 30 days
Double packed
For single use

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